CVC partners with venture capital firms whose newest funds have a total of $10B+ to invest. About 15% of the companies that apply will be introduced to our investor partners. Historically, 25% of those teams have received an investment offer.


Demo Night

Columbia Demo Night is a separate opportunity from the VC Matching program to pitch your startup before a panel of judges.

This year marked our 9th annual event in New York City (Oct 16) and our 5th annual event in San Francisco (Sep 26).

Apply Now

You can apply to our VC Matching as well as to the annual Columbia Demo Night in NYC and SF through the same application.

The next opportunity to apply will be in February 2020. To be notified when the application opens, please sign up here.

Who Can Apply

Companies whose founders, investors, or key employees have ties to Columbia University can apply.

We look for ventures across all stages and verticals to match with top-tier VCs and alumni working in venture capital.


Dear Investor, contact us if you want to get in touch with the best Columbia-affiliated teams and startups.

We’ll find and monitor the companies in our network that fit your investment thesis and criteria.


Let us know if you managed to get funding with the help of Columbia Venture Community.

If you want your success story featured on our site and social media, please contact us.


If you are looking for VCs for your Series A (or up) and need more information about our investor partners, feel free to contact us.

If you have any questions, please email: